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Fort Valley State University Department of English and Foreign Languages
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Courses Offered in Spring 2007
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Student Questionnaire

-All students currently matriculating through Fort Valley State University, please take the time out to print and complete the following survey. Your cooperation will further assist and develop your institution and continue to take FVSU "Straight to the Top!"

1.     Do you think Fort Valley State University’s Department of English and Foreign Languages has prepared or will prepare you for the work force and/or graduate school?


2.     What field are you pursuing?


-Education                      -Criminal Justice

-Law                               -Publishing

-Journalism                     -Public Relations

-Sales                             -Public Service

-Government Service       -Other (please specify)


3.     Do you feel that your professors thus far have made the necessary preparatory steps to ensure your academic success at FVSU and in your future?


4.     What steps can be made to improve the internship program?

5.     What can FVSU do to improve your experiences in the classroom as well as outside the classroom?

6.      How satisfied are you with campus life? How can it be improved?

7.     Other Comments and/or Observations