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Fort Valley State University Department of English and Foreign Languages

Courses Offered in Spring 2007

Courses Offered in Spring 2007
Professional and Technical Writing
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Spring 2007

-Engl. 0098 Developmental Writing

-Engl. 0099 Developmental Writing II

-Engl. 1101 Composition I

-Engl. 1102 Composition II

-Engl. 1108 Literacy Comprehension

-Engl. 2023 Critical Writing

-Engl. 2033 Interim Composition

-Engl. 2053 Intro Technical Writing

-Engl. 2111 World Literature

-Engl. 2112 World Literature II

-Engl. 2122 A Survey of English

-Engl. 2132 Survey Amer. Lit.

-Engl. 2150 Intro to Rhetoric

-Engl. 2153 Grammar Lit. Criticism

-Engl. 2313 Coop-Edu Internship

-Engl. 3033 Black Heritage

-Engl. 3153 Advanced Technical Writing

-Engl. 3173 Business and Technical Comm.

-Engl. 3193 Tech Writing Prac. 2

-Engl. 3313 American Literature

-Engl. 3500 Grammar for Teach

-Engl. 4043 African American Prose Fiction

-Engl. 4113 Shakespeare

-Engl. 4123 Milton

-Engl. 4183 Capstone Senior Seminar

-Engl. 4193 Capstone Senior Seminar

-Engl. 4873 Special Topics