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Fort Valley State University Department of English and Foreign Languages


Courses Offered in Spring 2007
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Declaration of Major

All students enrolled at Fort Valley State University must have a major on record. For newly

admitted students, the major is determined to be the intended major as indicated on the student’s

application for admission to the University. Freshman students are required to declare or choose a

major not later than the pre-registration period for their second year of enrollment by completing the

Declaration of Major Form. Students may, at any time, change or declare a new major by

completing the Change of Major Form. Both forms must be completed at the Academic Success


Academic Load Policy

The average load for normal academic progress is 15 credit hours per semester. A maximum of 20

credit hours may be attempted in any one semester, including credit hours in progress through web

courses, campus-based courses, weekend courses and correspondence or extension studies . During

the summer, the credit hour load may be reduced. The maximum semester load permissible for

students on academic probation shall be 12 hours. The number of credit hours possible is governed

by the following:


GPA Load Limit

1.99 or less 14 semester hours

2.00-2.99 18 semester hours

3.00-4.00 20 semester hours

• A strong written justification and approval of the appropriate Dean is required for any student

with a 3.00 GPA or higher to enroll for more than 18 semester hours.

• Any student enrolled for a Regents' workshop, regardless of GPA, will be limited to a load of

12 semester hours.

Any student with 30 or more earned semester hours having outstanding CPC deficiencies

will be limited to enrollment in the courses required to eliminate such deficiencies.

Likewise, students who have not passed the Regents Test will be limited.