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Fort Valley State University Department of English and Foreign Languages

Student Accomplishments

Courses Offered in Spring 2007
Professional and Technical Writing
Student Accomplishments
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Pamela Alderman                      High School English Teacher, FL

B.A. Summer 2006


Jarvis Denmark                         High School English Teacher, Augusta, GA

B.A. Summer 2006


Gregory Gardner

B.A. Spring 2006                      Materials Expediter, Blue Bird Coachworks,

                                            Fort Valley, GA


Renata Harden                          PhD program in Technical Communication

B.A. 2004                                  Bowling Green State University,

                                               Bowling Green, OH


Shameka Hunter

B.A. Summer 2006                   High School English Teacher, Macon, GA


Ashley Kilcrease                       Veterans Claims Representative,

B.A. 2006                                  Department of Veterans Affairs

                                               Atlanta, GA


Faith Marshall                          Law School, North Western University

B.A. 2004                                 Evanston, Il


Heather Mobley-Crawford       Assistant Professor of English, FVSU

B.A. 1996                                M.A. 2003, Professional Writing,

                                             Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA


Marlyn Thomas                        Graduate School, Kansas State University

B.A. Spring 2006


Effrem Yarber, Ed. D.              School Principal, Union Elementary School,

B.A. 1994, M.A. 1996                Macon, GA

                                             Ed.D 2001, Argosy/Sarasota University,

                                             Sarasota, FL.